Anonymous asked:

How are you so patient? I guess I get frustrated too easily or something when I try to art and nothing is working. But seriously if you teach me how to be as patient as you I would be so grateful.

euclase answered:

  1. I have five or six drawings going at any given time so I can switch around if one of them starts to feel toxic.
  2. I draw all the time. I draw so often that no individual drawing is “precious.” If I spill chocolate milk on something, who the fuck cares because I can draw it again. 
  3. I like the process of drawing more than I like the product of drawing. It’s totally okay to want to end up with a pretty picture at the end, but you still have to draw it. Drawing is actually 100% drawing and 0% not drawing. You have to want to draw to draw.
  4. I don’t think of drawings as finished. To me, it’s all one neverending drawing. If I mess up along the way, I can fix it in something else later. It’s okay to have bad drawings. You’re supposed to.
  5. I draw stuff I like. Not stuff I think other people will like.

Anonymous asked:

How do you know which color is best for the lights and which one is for the shadows depending on the tones of the skin ? I'm an artist too and i always have a hard time trying to figure out which color i should use. (Btw, your art is AMAZING !!!)

euclase answered:

The best way to tell you is to show you, so here is my friend the former General Obi-Wan Kenobi to help:


Skin color (pretty much any human skin color in almost any ordinary lighting) is

  • lower saturation yellow at its brightest
  • higher saturation orange/red in the middle
  • lower saturation brown/gray at its darkest

That’s really it?

Skin gets pinker and redder where there are more blood vessels closer to the surface (lips, ears, nostrils, eyelids) and grayer and bluer where there are less, like your jaw.

But even if the person has very dark skin, and they’re standing in some blue light, it’s still pretty likely you’re going to find the same pattern of [low sat, high sat, low sat] or [yellow, orange, gray].

If you’re drawing by observation, and you get stuck, it’s a way to check yourself.

I hope this helps. D: